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Uniform Policy

The College is committed to a high standard of dress and appearance of our students. We seek the support and co-operation of parents and students in ensuring that students dress and behave in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their school, families and the Lord.

The goal of the uniform policy is to ensure that students are neatly dressed and groomed and do not have the daily pressure of “performing” to fashion fads.

We require that the appropriate school uniform is to be worn as per the policy during the school day and to and from school. If items of uniform are damaged or lost, they should be replaced as soon as possible. In the interim, we request that parents write an explanatory note in the student diary.

If incorrect or incomplete uniform is worn without written parental explanation, the student will be spoken to and parents will be notified. Students who continue to fail to respond to requests to abide by the dress code may be suspended.

Generally, students are not permitted to change into casual clothes prior to going home. Exceptions are made when students are involved in out of school sporting, employment or Vocational Education programs.


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