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Wing Leong

College Principal

Wing Leong is the Principal of Lighthouse Christian College, a Christian, co-educational school located in Keysborough, Victoria.

Wing joined the college in 2014 as a sub-school leader, a role he diligently fulfilled for 8 years. His time at the College cemented his passion for Christ-centred education and the College itself. His passion did not waiver when he left the College in 2022 to serve in a leadership role in another leading Christian school.

Wing returned to the College in 2023 as Principal. He is strongly committed to advancing the College’s reputation as a leader in Christian education and ensuring that all students at the College reach their God given potential.

Prior to joining the College, Wing was the Head of Department for Mathematics, Anglo-Chinese School (Primary), a leading boys’ school in Singapore and was instrumental in its track record for outstanding academic performance. Wing also had the privilege of managing two Singapore-UK curriculum-based schools in Indonesia from 2006 to 2013. Wing’s relational leadership style and effective management skills have contributed to cohesiveness and growth in the schools he has served in.

Wing is focused on ensuring the College provides a child-safe learning environment that focuses on their wellbeing by providing a diverse range of curriculum offerings to inspire and support students in their individual educational pathways. Wing aims to build a robust College community that works collaboratively towards educational excellence for all students, with Christ as its firm foundation.

Wing is a father of three, all of whom had received education at the College. His family are Christians who are faithfully serving in various capacities in their local Church.

David Holloway

Deputy Principal Operation

David Holloway brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role as Deputy Principal Operations at Lighthouse Christian College. With over three decades of experience in teaching and learning, and more than 15 years in educational leadership, he has demonstrated a profound commitment to fostering holistic development in students.

Having served in roles such as Head of Sport, Head of Teaching & Learning, Head of Primary, and Deputy Principal in previous schools, David's expertise extends across diverse facets of educational management.

Born in Zambia and later immigrating to Australia via South Africa, David's journey reflects a global perspective, enriching his understanding of cultural diversity and educational needs. This breadth of experience informs his approach to leadership and underscores his commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments.

David's philosophy on Christian education is deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, as exemplified by his reference to Mark 12:29-31. He advocates for a holistic approach that addresses spiritual, emotional, academic, physical, and social development, believing it to be fundamental in nurturing individuals who are not only academically proficient but also morally grounded, socially responsible and faith filled.

David is dedicated to realising this vision, recognizing the inherent value in every student and striving to create an environment where they can flourish and fulfill their unique potential. He views education as a partnership between educators, students, and parents, with the ultimate goal of empowering students to become compassionate, competent, and conscientious members of society.

Outside of his professional endeavors, David finds fulfillment in his role as husband to Ronel and father of two children, one of whom is following in his footsteps as a teacher, while the other pursues higher education at university. This personal connection to the field of education further underscores his commitment to its advancement and underscores his belief in its transformative power.

David's leadership at LCC embodies a steadfast commitment to excellence, compassion, and holistic development, reflecting a deep-seated dedication to empowering individuals and impacting communities for the betterment of society.

Simon Taylor

Deputy Principal Secondary

Simon Taylor commenced his role as Deputy Principal (Secondary) at Lighthouse Christian College, Keysborough, at the beginning of 2024. He brings a wealth of experience to the role as an accomplished educational leader with a comprehensive background in Christian education and a commitment to excellence.

His professional career spans over two decades, showcasing his dedication and versatility. Notably, Simon has held various positions at Hillcrest Christian College since 2007, including Head of Secondary, Secondary Learning Coordinator, Acting VCAL Coordinator, Timetabler, and Head of Science. He has been an assessor for VCAA VCE Biology and prior to his tenure at Hillcrest, Simon worked in research, investigating transplantation immunology and cell biology at the Austin Research Institute.

Simon's achievements extend beyond his professional roles. He is a member of several educational networks and organizations, presented at conferences, published research papers, and received prestigious awards such as the VEX Robotics Australia Volunteer of the Year in 2015.

Simon helped introduce VEX Robotics in Australia as an avenue to inspire students to study and pursue a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). He has been instrumental in using VEX robotics as an avenue to introduce both curricular and cocurricular STEM learning programs and to develop STEM learning facilities. In the VEX robotics competition, Simon has led or mentored teams to national success, affording these teams to participate in the VEX World Competition. He has taken teams to the VEX World Competition in the USA five times over the past decade.

In his role as Deputy Principal (Secondary), Simon is dedicated to fostering academic excellence, nurturing student development, and cultivating a vibrant Christian school community at Lighthouse Christian College. His relational leadership style, passion for Christian centred education, and commitment to holistic student growth make him an invaluable asset to the institution.

Venlo Kruize

Deputy Principal Primary

Venlo Kruize is the Deputy Principal of Lighthouse Christian College. Her area of leadership is Primary ELC-6. Lighthouse Christian College is a private independent co-educational school ELC-12 in Keysborough.

Venlo commenced at Lighthouse Christian College in 2015. She has been teaching and working in Christian education for over 36 years. Venlo is passionate about Christian education and raising children, in partnership with parents, to aspire to spiritual and academic excellence in an environment where they can flourish. She is determined to ensure the foundational years of schooling are of an excellent standard as this is a critical period where children acquire fundamental skills which serve as the building blocks for future learning.

During her years teaching, Venlo spent the first 10 years of her career involved in the establishment of a new Christian school teaching Year 1 and Prep down on the Mornington Peninsula. She spent the next 12 years designing a curriculum suited to students studying in Australia made up from exceptional resources from countries around the world that specialised in different subject areas to homeschool her own children until Year 8. Whilst researching this area, she was able to produce a well-rounded curriculum tailored to the individual needs of a child achieving excellence in all areas but most importantly instilling a ‘love for learning’ and fostering critical thinking, creativity and independence, preparing children for lifelong learning beyond formal education. This experience was translated into the classroom setting in 2015 with outstanding results, empowering a culture of excellence and successful academic outcomes for students in the larger Primary setting.

Venlo’s husband is very supportive of her desire to see young people thrive. She is the mother of three delightful and talented daughters who have gone on to serve God faithfully in their professions and who continue to serve the Lord in their church community and workplaces.

Venlo misses teaching students in a classroom setting; however, is thankful that her classroom has grown from 24 students to 480+ students and the pleasure of working alongside 56 dedicated and enthusiastic Primary staff members in her role as a Deputy Principal. She maintains that teaching is the best job in the world!

Pravin Ramdany

Business Manager

Pravin brings to the role of Business and Project Manager over 16 years of commercial experience in various industries including 15 years in the Housing sector as CFO and Corporate Manager, Ten years in the education sector (Primary, secondary, and post-secondary), as well as over 15 years of experience as a board member of several not-for-profits organizations.

Pravin has extensive experience in finance, project management, people, and business management. He has over 20 years of experience as a Company Director in the not-for-profit sector and at the board level and has also participated as an Audit and Risk committee member.

He is currently a board member of two not-for-profit organizations.

Treasurer and Secretary of WeCare Community Ltd, providing food relief for the disadvantaged.

He is also being appointed by the Federal Treasurer as a committee member on the Company’s Auditors Disciplinary Board (CADB).

Beyond his professional and philanthropic endeavors, Pravin has also demonstrated leadership within his local church for the past eighteen years, highlighting his commitment to both personal and community growth.


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